Power Supply – MW-HLG Series

Compatibility with the correct power supply is important to ensure the longevity and energy efficiency of any LED lighting.
Our reliable ranges of LED Power Supplies are selected to match our range of LED lighting to ensure that we achieve maximum efficiency and durability of our LED lighting products.
The HLG Series is one of our most powerful power supplies in our range, and has an IP67 rating for indoor and outdoor use.

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Product Features

  • IP67 Metal Housing
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Optional: 12V/24
  • 5 Year Warranty


For commercial, domestic and industrial LED lighting applications, such as LED strips, LED fittings and LED modules, etc.

Product Dimensions

Please refer to Product Specifications.

Product Specifications

Product CodePower (W)Voltage/AmpDimension
(L x W x H)
WeightIP Rating
FLX-PSMW-HLG40-124012V / 3.33A171 x 61.5 x 36.8mm0.9 KgIP67
FLX-PSMW-HLG40-2424V / 1.67A
FLX-PSMW-HLG60-246024V / 12.5A171 x 61.5 x 36.8mm0.9 KgIP67
FLX-PSMW-HLG80-128012V / 5.0A195.6 x 61.5 x 38.8mm1.05 KgIP67
FLX-PSMW-HLG80-2424V / 3.4A
FLX-PSMW-HLG100-2410024V / 1.67A220 x 68 x 38.8mm1.3 KgIP67
FLX-PSMW-HLG120-1212012V / 10A228 x 68 x 38.8mm1.3 KgIP67
FLX-PSMW-HLG120-2424V / 5.0A
FLX-PSMW-HLG150-1215012V / 12.5A228 x 68 x 38.8mm1.3 KgIP67
FLX-PSMW-HLG150-2424V / 6.25A
FLX-PSMW-HLG185-1218512V / 13.0A228 x 68 x 38.8mm1.3 KgIP67
FLX-PSMW-HLG185-2424V / 7.80A
FLX-PSMW-HLG240-1224012V / 16.0A251 x 68 x 38.8mm1.45 KgIP67
FLX-PSMW-HLG240-2424V / 10.0A
FLX-PSMW-HLG320-1232012V / 22.A256 x 90 x 43.8mm2.10 KgIP67