COVID-19 Solutions For Your Workplace

After all that’s happened in 2020, things are starting to look up. As restrictions ease, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That being said, things will not go back to the way they were. They can’t. Yes, businesses will reopen. But they will reopen with one key difference. Hygiene and sanitisation, which were important before, are now the top priority, and businesses need to find COVID-19 solutions for their workplace. We’ve seen how the world stops without cleanliness and sanitation and we’ve seen how dangerous it can be when hygiene falls to the wayside, even just slightly.

Just because the pandemic feels like it’s almost over in Australia, doesn’t mean we can stop protecting the community from COVID-19 and future threats. With the focus on COVID-19 these last few months, it can be easy to forget about other infectious illnesses (especially when other sicknesses aren’t reported on every day, morning, noon and night). Furthermore, research shows that other illnesses can arise at any time. When we reopen, we need to put in place safety measures that will minimise the risk of such large scale infections in the future.

We’ve seen a rise of sanitation stands at local groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores and department stores. Sanitiser stands should no longer be optional, but rather a necessity, to ensure the safety of staff, customers and clients. When you decide to reopen there should be a new normal. Guarantee your business is safe by installing sanitiser stands strategically throughout the business. Flexalite offer a variety of sanitiser stands that can be customised. These will reassure everyone that they’re in a hygienic space while also increasing your brand awareness.

Additionally, maintain the feel of an open office without the spread of infections and germs, with sneeze guards and office partitions. Sneeze guards, like the ones offered by Flexalite, ensure physical distancing while working and socialising in the workplace. These partitions are designed as contact-free solutions to guard employees from the transmission of germs, particularly from coughing and sneezing. Moreover, unlike cubicles, the partitions are clear so that they can imitate, as much as possible, contemporary open-office spaces. And unlike cubicles, open office plans encourage communication and socialisation, which increase employee happiness and thus, employee efficiency and work ethic.

We’ve done so well these last few months, staying safe and staying home. We’ve adapted to the new world order of home-schooling, home offices and in general, not going out unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, things are starting to shift once again. We’ll go back to school, back to the office and hopefully, appreciate any time we spend outside, even if it is getting colder. But when we go back to work and open the doors to our businesses again, will we go back to our old ways or will there be new changes? Hopefully we’ve learnt our lesson and remember how important it is to maintain hygiene. Do your business a favour and call Flexalite before you open. We have COVID-19 solutions that will ensure your workplace, staff and clients are protected.