we work with a wide range of industries.


Stand out from the crowd at events with outdoor and event display solutions that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Every event is unique; no matter the scale, or whether it’s outdoors, indoors or both, we have you covered with our customised event display solutions. From wayfinding and signage to flags, banners and fence scrim, we can put together exactly what you need to get noticed at your event. We’re experts at installing our products efficiently and cost-effectively, and do most of our work offsite so onsite assemble time is minimal. Along with custom designing and installation, we also provide printing services, so we really are your one-stop-shop.



Disrupt environments with retail display solutions that include activations, pop-ups and shop fitouts, along with signage, lightbox and TV solutions.

In the fast-paced retail world, businesses are vying for the attention of consumers. We work with our clients to cut through the noise and create unique design solutions with a big impact. Our services can take a holistic approach to include the design, manufacture and install of retail activations and pop-ups. Alternatively, we can provide specific products for retail displays, such as 3D and neon signage, lightboxes, and commercial TVs for window or indoor displays. Our fabric system ensures artwork can be updated easily and cost-effectively.



Impress attendees with our exhibition display solutions that are flexible, easy to assemble and cost-effective.

We design and build high-quality stands, frames, and rooms using materials that are light, compact and flat-packed, so transport and storage is no issue. We have standard exhibition stands available, but if they’re not what you’re looking for, don’t worry – we can customise our stand designs to suit you! With our experience, we can manufacture from scratch and install stands and rooms in as fast as five working days, compared to 3-5 weeks for our competitors. As we do most of our work offsite, onsite assembly time is minimal. If your exhibition display needs something extra, we also provide mix media signage including TVs, digital shelf displays, and dynamic lightboxes. What’s more, our fabric system ensures artwork can be updated easily and cost-effectively.



Give your venue the edge with innovative restaurant and bar lighting, digital menu boards and 3D signage.

Hospitality is a bustling and competitive industry. We will help you stand out with state-of-the-art dynamic displays, signage, and fit-outs for all facets of the hospitality industry. Whether you own a bar or restaurant and are looking for cool lighting design ideas, or are in fast food service and looking for some digital menu boards, we have what you need and the skills to put it together. Our range of signage options will ensure your venue’s presence is noticed by customers and includes illuminated and 3D options.


Real Estate

Showcase your real estate displays at their best with impressive galleries and digital displays that capture the imaginations of potential tenants.

When potential clients walk into a showroom, the signage and information display reflects the quality of work of the developers. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with major real estate developers to manufacture and install impressive galleries and digital displays to maximise the selling potential of a development. Our large-format LED displays can be built to ANY size or specification necessary. Along with real estate display suites, we also specialise in digital window displays for real estate agents that are high quality and easy to update.


Tv & Theatre

Make an impact on screens and audiences with TV or theatre production design brought to life.

We can bring any setting or studio to life with our range of interactive media solutions. We have directly and indirectly provided eye-catching signage, digital displays, and lightboxes to a variety of TV programs and stations. Our experience allows us to provide custom solutions to suit your project’s needs and stand out; you can also be assured of fast turnaround times and minimal onsite assembly time.



Wow clients with state-of-the-art corporate signage, displays and lighting that reflect your brand.

Showcase your brand in the best light with cost-effective, high-quality display solutions that include digital, print and stands. Take a corporate reception or lobby to the next level with innovative LED lighting options or 3D signage, or make a feature out of illuminated fabric frames or LED displays. We will partner with you to strategically use your space to impress clients from the moment they walk in your building.


Car Showrooms

Make the best first impression on potential buyers when they walk into your car showroom.

You can make a positive impression on your customers from the moment they step into your dealership. The car showroom itself forms a part of the buyer’s journey when they’re looking to purchase a vehicle. We can add class and character to your showroom and tell your brand’s story, through dynamic digital signage and displays and fabric frame or print solutions that can easily be updated over time.



We have the experience you need to create government display solutions for projects across a variety of organisations.

Whether it’s an exhibition, event, print or digital signage, or commercial TVs, we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your government display needs. We have worked on a range of government projects already, including museums, hospitals, galleries, schools and universities; and we have the experience required to produce customised integrated solutions to match your project’s needs.