Commercial TVs

Whether you’re looking for a compact touchscreen kiosk on a budget, or an extensive video wall for maximum visual impact, Flexalite can tailor a solution for you. We offer a number of products that are both portable and permanent. Plus, we have a rental system for customers who wish to change their storefronts as promotions come and go.

  • TV walls
  • Portable solutions
  • Touch screens
  • Portable option
  • Respond to market in an instant
  • High-impact – bring images to life with colour and movement
Power Rangers POP up display using FLX frame and commercial TV
Commercial Panel for storefront promotion 30% off storewide

LED Displays

Want to convert an entire wall into moving pictures? These large-format LED displays can be built to ANY size or specification necessary. With a range of different resolutions available, these robust units can be installed from small indoor displays, right up to huge IP rated billboards.

  • Rentals
  • Fixed
  • Transparent
LED Display for Absolute Vodka

Transparent LED Displays

Perfect for large window applications or high rise offices! Our transparent LED window displays allow you to still maintain a high level of visibility and sunlight from inside the building, but display large format video on the outside.

  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design, cabinet weight is only 25% of traditional one
  • Easy installation, steel structure cost down 70%
  • Wind resistant and highly transparent, catering to outdoor media facades needs
  • Easy and fast front or rear maintenance by only one person
  • 40% energy-saving by natural cooling, no air conditioning refrigeration system

Technology Innovations

  • With superconducting heat materials, heat dissipation capability is enhanced by 80%.
  • With entire glue-irrigation workmanship, the proof level is enhanced effectively.
  • We broke through the industry barrier by maintaining each single strip independently.
Transparent LED Display at the front of Asics store

Shelf Display Solutions

The Digital Shelf Display is the most dynamic and advance way of displaying product and promotional information to customers. With the ability to display high definition images and videos, it is a surefire way of grabbing attention and engaging with your desired target audience. Remote management systems enables user to control unlimited locations with ease.

  • There are 3 sizes available with on-board Android media players that allow remote communication via a WiFi network to change and update content on the fly.
  • 24” LCD Resolution: 1920px x 360px
  • 23.1” LCD Resolution: 1920px x 158px
  • 16.1” LCD Resolution: 1366px x 200px
  • LCD or LED shelf solutions
  • Built In WIFI
  • Easy to use software
  • Quick response to market
  • Stylish
  • Built to last
  • Minimal bezel
  • Remote control management system
  • Android onboard
Shelf Display panel for Coca Cola promotion

Electronic Shelf Labels

Display dynamic digital pricing and product information in real time. These labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, specifically designed to be hung on product shelves. These displays are an excellent option for those who need a cost-effective way to change product prices and information on a weekly, or even daily, basis.

  • Tri Colour: (Black/White | Black/White/Red | Black/White/Yellow)
  • A range of sizes are available
  • Select between local server, central or cloud server based on store operational requirements
  • Last for up to 5 years (One image change per day)
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • NFC capability
  • Remotely control
  • Built in WIFI
  • Australian based support
  • The ESL saves labour cost as prices are updated automatically through a gateway
  • The ESL saves time all the prices are automatically updated at the same time
  • ESL ensure pricing accuracy as the system syncs up with the client’s POS system
  • Manage and monitor multiple store shelf price level pricing from a central location
  • Dynamic real time pricing means advance pricing & marketing strategy can be employed
    1) Cost – Adjust pricing based on higher labour cost during public holiday
    2) Supply & demand – Adjust pricing based on the inventory stock level (Clearance items)
    3) Time – Adjust price level based on shelf life (Bread, fish, sushi)
    4) Margin – Adjust pricing based on wholesale price or currency fluctuations (Gold, oil, bitcoin)
  • Multi RF Technology based on 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz based upon store environment
  • ESL system has the industry’s fastest update speed at 2Mbps data rate, high performance MCU and RAM/Flash memory, compressed data transmission, and optimised communication protocol.
  • Real-time system is designed to update fast enough to answer immediate update needs. Utilising a real-time system, various user interactive solutions are possible, such as button feedback, LED Blinking, LBS inventory management, and a real-time stock alert feature.
Electronic Shelf Labels being displayed in a supermarket

Software and Applications

We provide dynamic content management systems to ensure easy access, monitoring and updating of content on a real time basis. You have control from anywhere there is internet connection.

  • Save time, money and reduce margin for error
  • Respond to market in an instant
Software & Applications for iPad, mobile and Desktop operating systems