LED Lighting

Illuminate your space with LED and see the difference it makes to signage, displays, lightboxes and interiors.

LED Neon

Make your signage pop with the perfect neon look, featuring a clean, consistent, no gap finish. No corner is too sharp and no design is too complicated! Great for bars, restaurants and retail stores.

Routed Acrylic LED Neon: We create your design out of acrylic with rounded edging; we can then bring it to life with LED illumination.

Silicon LED Neon: A simple and cost-effective neon solution that allows you to flex, cut and join to your requirements.

Outdoor LED Neon at night with text

LED Strips

From our years of experience in the LED market, we have the knowledge and know-how to apply and adapt our LEDs to any application. Flexible, durable and sustainable are only some of the qualities Flexalite’s FlexaLED strips have to offer. Created with SMD LEDs on a flexible PCB, our flexible LED strips are perfect for architectural lighting, contour lighting and cove lighting, both indoors and out. Using only the highest quality commercial grade LEDs, from single colour to RGB, our array of strip lighting options comes with 3M VHB backing tape for longevity. FlexaLed are extremely energy efficient, delivering up to 80% energy savings over neon —substantially lowering operating costs. FlexaLed delivers a light output of 105 lumens* over a 5m roll whilst only consuming 4.8 Watts of power.

*Cool White 300LEDs per roll.

  • Supplied for interiors or completely waterproof for exterior use.
  • FlexaLED can be used on straight sections, wrap around curves, bends and areas where maintenance is an issue.
  • Available in singles colours: Red, Amber, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Warm White and RGB changing functions.
  • Standard, High Intensity, Premium & Extreme Intensity SMD LEDs available
  • Dual chip long life SMD LEDs lasting 50,000+ hours.
  • Wide viewing angle of 120 degrees and available in extra high brightness (Flexa5050 LEDs).
  • Solid state electronic light source meaning virtually no maintenance.
  • Safe low 12VDC power.
  •  Low thermal output, NO UV emissions.
  • Easy installation – mounts with 3M double sided adhesive tape.
  • Cut to length.
  • Environmentally friendly: no mercury, no sodium.

RGB Special Features:

  • Tri-colour chip LED.
  • Any colour at user’s preference.
  • Adjustable brightness and colour change.
  • Programmable dimming.


  • Cove lighting.
  • Architectural lighting on arches, handrails, stairs.
  • Walkways, pavement edging, marker lines.
  • Furniture, display cabinets.
  •  Solution for colour changing in linear structures and architectural (RGB).
  • Backlighting of splashbacks, stone tops, stone walls, frosted glass, acrylic and other materials.
LED Strips on a flexible tape

LED Extrusions

Our range of LED extrusions is designed to complement our LED strip lighting and assist heat dissipation, illumination diffusion and protection from the elements; plus give it a robust look and feel.

Staircase with LED Extrusions underneath each step

LED Light Panels

Need to illuminate a thin narrow space with bright and consistent lights? Try our custom made LED Edgelit Continuum panels. They are the perfect solution for backlighting splashbacks, frosted glass, marble, acrylic, onyx, illuminated benchtops and glass-mounted artwork. Using our LED edgelit technology integrated with our unique acrylic diffusing techniques, we can backlight large areas with even illumination without hot spots and with minimal depth required.

  • Our Continuum C-series panels are customised to suit your application. We will specify which techniques are best to use given your required specifications.
  • 5-12mm LED panels.
  • Safe, low 12VDC or 24VDC power.
  • Environmentally friendly – no mercury, no sodium
  • Even illumination, no hot spots
  • Solid state electronic light source (LED) meaning virtually no maintenance
  • Dual chip long life SMD LEDs lasting 50,000+ hours
  • Low thermal output, NO UV emissions
  • No minimum depth required*
  • Large size sheets 3000mm x 1500mm
  • Multiple panel solution and arrangement to suit your specifications
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low running cost

*Depth dependent on material and size specified. Each depth requirement may be different depending on size and material used.

Absolut Vodka bottle and description on a LED sign
LED light panels underneath modern wash basin setup