React Quickly With Flexalite’s Emergency Shelter & Support Systems

With the spread of Covid-19, health and hygiene have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Practices such as compulsive sanitisation, handwashing and respect for personal space are enforced and utilised. We wash our hands and stay home to save our family, friends and community. We stand 1.5m away from everyone when we’re in public. We have zoom meetings, movie nights and work drinks. But is that enough? What about those who don’t have the luxury to stay home? Are they protected?

We need to protect our community, our co-workers, our families and our friends. Individuals who don’t have the ability to stay home are still exposed daily. Imaginary barriers and bottles of hand sanitiser on reception desks may not be enough. It’s time to consider emergency shelter and support systems, along with proper social distancing practices.

Sanitisation stations should be installed at doorways so that you can immediately sanitise, as soon as you step in and out of the premises. Physical barriers that separate you from another individual need to be considered. Open offices are great, but when they put your entire team or staff at risk, what’s fashionable and stylish is no longer important. Partitions not only protect your staff from spreading Covid-19 to one another, but protective safety screens around reception desks protect other people from infecting your staff. Companies such as Flexalite offer these hygiene solutions. Our structures and designs are created for quick and easy installation (and removal once the threat of Covid-19 is over). We all need to do our part to stay safe and protect those who cannot stay home.

hand sanitiser stations
Hand sanitiser stations
emergency shelter - double line construction
Double line construction with door

Moreover, if things get worse, we need to have a plan in place. Images from Italy, China and Spain have emerged with make-shift and temporary emergency shelters. These images often depict rows of hospital beds in a cold and dark warehouse structure. It’s understandable in these countries where the rate of infection spread so rapidly, that they were desperate and needed instant solutions. However, in Australia, the infection rate is considerably slower. This does not mean we can afford to not be vigilant and wary of the threat. It just means that we have time to put in place a plan for an emergency shelter system if it ever comes to it.

Unlike Italy, China and Spain, our temporary emergency shelters should be designed better. Consider installing single constructions, or even single or double line constructions that are offered by Flexalite. It’s easy and quick to build and will allow isolation practices to continue, even in an emergency situation. As we are fully Australian owned and produced, we also have the stock and are able to mobilise whenever the call comes. Flexalite also offer an outdoor disinfection room which will sterilise those who walk through. This is something that will be crucial in protecting our health care workers.

As a community we’re doing our best to curb Covid-19. #stayhome, #staysafe and #flattenthecurve are trending on almost every platform. So far, it seems to be working, but what happens when it is not enough? Are we ready for it when the time comes to do more? It’s time to call Flexalite to see what we can do to help with these issues. We guarantee that we have a plan in place and are ready to mobilise whenever you call.